My First Halloween Contest

Coke Girls Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! When you live in a condo and don’t have kids, there isn’t much of a Halloween spirit in the air. Oh, and also when you are a loser with no friends and don’t get invited to any parties – even more so 🙂 

Well, this year I actually did participate in a group costume contest at work and I am so happy to report that WE WON!!!

Coke Girls Halloween Costume

The company I work for recently signed with Coke and since it was relevant timing, we decided to go as Coke girls from the 50’s era. I dressed up in a group with all of the other executive assistants at my company. Since our executive team were the judges, you can see why we won… do you really want middle seat flights in the back of the plane from now on, boss?? Didn’t think so  😉

Coke girl halloween costume

This is one of Coke’s most recent billboards in Atlanta and one of the main inspirations for our outfits:

Coke girl

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