Soft-Batch Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies



Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite cookie creations of all time, Soft-Batch Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies. If you are a fellow lover of chocolate, chewy fudgy textures, and the perfect hint of subtle sea salt, these may be one of your favorites too! I am proud to say these were featured on The FeedFeed Chocolate instagram page and I hope you enjoy these as much as others have. Continue Reading…

Crispy Green Beans PF Chang’s Copycat Recipe


Crispy Green Beans PF Changs Copycat Recipe

Back in the kitchen with another copycat recipe to share with you and this time it’s one of my favorite appetizers from one of my favorite restaurants (that has sadly gone down hill in my city over the years) PF Chang’s Crispy Green Beans. I am not just sharing the crispy green beans though, I am also including the recipe for their luscious spicy dipping sauce. What they give you in one little cup is never enough, right? With this signature sauce recipe I am sharing, you can make as much sauce as your little heart desires! Let’s get ready to throw our calorie counting out the window for today because this Crispy Green Beans PF Changs Copycat recipe is one decadent appetizer that you will enjoy every minute of. Continue Reading…

Tangy White Chicken Enchiladas


Tangy White Chicken Enchiladas

When you find a perfect recipe you just have to share it! This is one of those crowd-favorites, one that will be requested constantly, in rotation in your household, friends will ask you for the recipe, etc. You just know when you make the “one”. Tangy White Chicken Enchiladas are perfectly seasoned tender shredded chicken, layers of melty gooey Monterey jack cheese, bundled up in flour tortillas and smothered in a rich and tangy sour cream-lime sauce. These are so good you will be burning your mouth trying to take another bite before they cool off.  Continue Reading…

The BEST Crispy General Tso’s Chicken Recipe


The BEST Crispy General Tso's Chicken Recipe

After years and years of trial and error, I am beyond thrilled to be finally sharing the BEST crispy General Tso’s chicken recipe. General Tso’s chicken has always been a favorite of mine but I am often so disappointed by the versions served up at my local restaurants. Either the flavor is off, the texture is mushy, it’s not spicy, etc. etc. The only good part about not having amazing asian restaurants in my neighborhood is the dedication I have to making really, really good Chinese/asian foods at home. The chicken in this recipe is extremely crispy, and the sauce is full of robust flavors from sweet, tangy, spicy, and salty. Your only regret will not be making more! Continue Reading…

Valentine’s Frosted Sugar Cookie Bark


Frosted Sugar Cookie Bark

Valentine’s week is here and one of the many recipes I have created for this week of celebrating love (and football) is this fun and unique dessert, Frosted Sugar Cookie Bark! You will love this recipe. Not only does the super thick, chewy sugar cookie base just melt in your mouth and provide the most satisfying and addictive texture, but the frosting is just sweet enough, reminiscent of cinnamon roll icing.  The sprinkles on top add a crunchy bite making this recipe a fan favorite of all ages. The best part is that you can adapt this recipe to any holiday or occasion. Cutting this bark into shapes was almost as fun as eating it. There is something so appealing about these cookies being broken into rustic pieces that just makes them even more craveable.

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Super Bowl Food Ideas 2022


Best Super Bowl Food Ideas 2022

We all may disagree on which team we want to win in this year’s Super Bowl LVI (I wanted the Bills to win, so I don’t have a dog in this fight!). But one thing we can ALL agree on, is that the REAL star of any Super Bowl is what’s on the table – not to mention the amazing commercials that I look forward to every year.  I get so excited about what I am going to make and I usually overdo it as usual, making a sickening amount of food that we can eat for the days that follow. In all my excitement and my stockpiling of recipe ideas, I decided that I would make this post compiling the Best Super Bowl Food Ideas 2022!!

From hot cheesy dips to rib-eye sliders, Nashville hot chicken, and even some easy handheld desserts – I guarantee you will find something you love on this list!

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CPK BBQ Chicken Salad Copycat Recipe


CPK BBQ Chicken Salad Copycat Recipe

If it wasn’t $18, I would get it all the time.

The BBQ Chicken Salad from CPK is one of my favorite decadent salads to order but it’s too dang expensive to get it at the restaurant so we are making a copycat recipe at home! This salad is rich, creamy, and loaded with hearty ingredients like barbecue chicken breasts, black beans, avocados, crisp sweet corn, crunchy tortilla chips and lots of other fresh ingredients. The drizzled barbecue sauce and ranch dressing over the top really takes it to the next level. Who would’ve thought barbecue sauce would be good on salad?? But it works.

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Double Dark Homemade Milano Cookies Recipe


Double Dark Homemade Milano Cookies Recipe

Let the Valentine’s baking season begin! These Double Dark Homemade Milano Cookies are lightly sweet, perfectly crunchy and filled with decadent dark chocolate in the center. After Christmas I always need a break from baking because I literally bake myself sick. We have so many sweets in our house from Thanksgiving to New Years and once January comes around we are over it! But…. once the month of January comes and goes and I’ve been putting my kitchen energy into making healthy meals, I get the baking bug again when I see the pink and red aisle at Target. This season I will be sharing a handful of Valentine’s recipes that are equally cute as they are delicious! Continue Reading…

Popeye’s Voodoo Chicken Tenders Copycat Recipe


Popeye's VooDoo Chicken Tenders Copycat Recipe

I think most of us would agree that limited time offer menu items are usually the best menu items. They are the ones I long for months and years after they are gone. Like the Five Cheese Fonduta and Chicken Alfredo Fritta from Olive Garden. I always wonder why restaurants don’t ever make them staple items when they are such a success?!

These Voodoo chicken tenders from Popeye’s are one of those recipes I can’t stop thinking about. Perfect crisp tenders, drizzled in a garlicky sweet chili sauce and topped with green onions – which add the perfect texture and finish! Continue Reading…