Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers Bakeries)

Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers)

Today on my blog we are making scones using Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone mix. They have a variety of scone mixes on their site that ranges from savory to sweet. I got a variety pack gifted to me from Sticky Fingers Bakeries as this is a sponsored post. Then sent lots of fun flavors like Cheddar & Chive, Apple Fritter Scone-Nuts, and Hot Cross Buns (which I’m extremely excited to try because I’ve dreamt about those most of my life after hearing the song as a child :))

I’ve been under the weather the past few days and between that, and my house renovation – which has given me tons of problems lately – I haven’t had the energy to bake for the last week. These scone mixes couldn’t have come at a better time! We are living with family during this renovation and they get very used to my weekly (er, sometimes daily) homemade sweets in the house. They start asking questions when I’ve gone a week without providing them with their daily supply LOL.

Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers)

I am looking forward to trying every single one of these scone mixes but I was most anxious to try these Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts. I’ve heard of Cro-Nuts (croissant donuts) I’ve heard of Brookies (brownie cookies), but Scone-Nuts was new to me and I love the idea of donut inspired chocolate frosting on a scone.

Before we get started, you can browse their selection of scones and purchase them HERE and use my discount code BADBATCH20 to receive 20% off your order.

Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers)

What do Vanilla Sprinkles Scone-Nuts Taste Like?

The flavor and texture honestly blew me away. We all have an expectation in our minds when we buy any bakery mix, whether it’s cake mix, brownie mix, etc. that while they are a nice convenience, we don’t expect them to take the place of scratch-made. I was wondering if I should’ve used milk instead of water or brushed some melted butter to the tops before they baked. But I committed to trying them exactly as they were supposed to be made.

To my complete surprise, these were incredibly yum and didn’t need any modifications! The scone-nuts domed nicely, have a great rise, and they have a cakey soft crumb that wasn’t dry at all. The chocolate frosting was sweet and incredibly fudgey. I could definitely go for double the frosting!! I didn’t know how much I loved chocolate and scones together. These would be super tasty warmed up with some ice cream. Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers)

Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers)

Are these scones easy to make?

Be sure to check out the video that I posted on Instagram (IGTV) of me making these scones today. It seriously took longer for my oven to get warm than it did to put these scones together! Haha 🙂 You only need some water (I recommend filtered), a mixing bowl, and a fork and you have homemade scones. Skill level required from 1-10, I’d say 1.

I would definitely buy these scones again and I can imagine these being a favorite for any of you that have kids who enjoy joining in the kitchen or for college students, or perhaps for anyone that doesn’t enjoy baking from scratch but loves delicious treats!

Where to buy Sticky Fingers Bakeries Scones?

Click here to order your Sticky Fingers scones, use my discount code BADBATCH20 to receive 20% off your order!

Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers)

Vanilla Sprinkle Scone-Nuts (Sticky Fingers)

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Click here to order your Sticky Fingers scones, use my discount code BADBATCH20 to receive 20% off your order!

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