Holiday Gift Basket – Cocoa & Cookies


Gift Basket - Holiday Cocoa & Cookies

Very excited about this holiday gift basket we put together for the 2019 holiday! With our renovation underway this winter, there is no way we can do a bunch of gifts for our family and friends. Plus, we say every year that we need to take some of the pressure off the holidays and make it more about quality time and not running around to stores.

This year, my husband and I decided that we were going to make cute gift baskets for each family and our groups of friends. The theme we decided on this year was “cocoa & cookies”.  There is nothing more fun than baking cookies (using an easy but delish cookie mix), and making hot cocoa with ALL the fixins’.  It seemed perfect for a cozy family movie night – which we will be having tons of since we are flat broke this season haha.

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Popeyes Famous Chicken Sandwich Copycat Recipe


Popeyes Famous Chicken Sandwich Copycat Recipe

THE Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is officially back at Popeyes TODAY!! To celebrate, I am re-making the sandwich for all of us that don’t really feel like dealing with the mosh pit of people just to get one.

You eat a lot of chicken sandwiches in your life. But this is truly one that stops you in your tracks and lingers in your mind long after you eat it. It’s amazing. It’s brilliant. It makes me so happy and this version is just as amazing if not better than the original. Continue Reading…

My Adventure with FHA 203K Loan – Is It Right For You?


How to do your own Fixer Upper renovation loan

There is a quote by Nelson Mandela that I love – “It is always impossible until it’s done”. I tend to live my life a bit this way. I wouldn’t call myself the greatest trailblazer nor am I a big risk-taker. But, I have a tendency to never take ‘No’ for an answer and my husband is certainly the same way. When it came to buying a new house, we were no different. Continue Reading…

Chia Banana Boost (Max) Tropical Smoothie Copycat Recipe


Chia Banana Boost Tropical Smoothie Recipe

I am very excited to be creating a copycat recipe of my favorite Tropical Smoothie menu item, the Chia Banana Boost Smoothie.

I don’t know about you, but protein-packed smoothies are an absolute necessity if I want to start my day off right. I’m not really a breakfast person and I’m usually rushing around because I love milking every minute of my sleep (giving myself “just enough” time to get ready). So preparing a balanced breakfast for myself would be hilariously far-fetched. I’m pretty sure that families sitting around a table eating breakfast before heading off to work, sadly only happens in the movies in 2019. But I would also die if I went to work without fueling my body at all. So throwing 6-8 items in a blender is my favorite solution. Then I keep my large smoothie in a insulated stainless steel bottle and drink it throughout my morning, sometimes through lunch. Continue Reading…

203k Home Renovation Loan – Upfront Costs


203k Renovation Loan

I created my blog to share my recipes and provide myself with an outlet to catalog what I bake/cook and it’s turned into a fun way journal my food creations. It’s also interesting to see how I’ve evolved as a baker, cook and as a person. My focus for this blog hasn’t ever been financial gain, but rather to share my fun experiences, mistakes and successes and hope it helps or at least entertains someone else.

Speaking of evolution, I recently accomplished something that just recently seemed near impossible for ME. I bought a house with my husband. And of course, like most things in my life, we couldn’t just do it the easy, traditional way. No, no. We had to swim upstream.

To be more specific, we decided to buy a complete dump and do a full renovation. Most people thought/still think we are absolutely crazy.  We’ve been told it will ruin our marriage or at the least cause of a lot of relationship issues, etc. Anyone that tells us that really doesn’t know us at all or what we have been through together.

So if you’ve come across this post and also have an interest in doing a renovation or perhaps have been told you too are crazy, well, you’ve come to the right place. I am documenting my experience along this chaotic adventure and sharing everything I learn. Continue Reading…

Crispy Fried Asparagus with Garlic Aioli (Burgerville copycat recipe)


Crispy Fried Asparagus Spears with Garlic Aioli (Burgerville Copycat)

Today it’s raining in Atlanta. Gloomy, drizzly and cloudy. A perfect day to stay in the house, cook good food and binge watch some movies or TV shows. Days likes these make me reminisce on the good ole days in my hometown of Portland, OR. So I’ve decided that today, my blog post will be an ode to Portland and I’m making one of my favorite items, Burgerville’s Yakima Valley Fried Asparagus with Garlic Aioli. Continue Reading…

Sante Fe Power Bowl (CPK Copycat Recipe)


Sante Fe Power Bowl (CPK Copycat Recipe)

Looking for a recipe that pairs well with Lime Margs? I thought so. Me too, lately!  I am so excited to share this recipe with you today. Crisp, cool veggies with warm cilantro farro, black beans, lime chicken and lots and lots of southwest flavors.

This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to remake a recipe from California Pizza Kitchen. About a year ago I made the CPK Inspired Buffalo Cauliflower Bites . It’s funny because I actually don’t dine at CPK too often, but I give them a lot of credit for having some pretty innovative food items. They stay ahead of the curve with health trends (zoodles, cauliflower crust, etc.) and it’s impressive considering they are a chain restaurant. Continue Reading…