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pic of smeez-editedWelcome! My name is Mallory and I am so excited you are here. Food is my true passion. It’s my obsession. It’s the reason my boyfriend cannot seem to get the body he wants and usually the thing I am dreaming about when you catch me staring off into space.

I’m probably the clumsiest cook you’ll ever meet. No matter how hard I try to act prim and proper in the kitchen, I suddenly find myself surrounded by a mess. But I can’t help it, it runs in my family. So not only will you get to experience my creative recipes, you’ll hopefully get some good laughs as a bonus 🙂

I reside in the good ole’ south, where I have found that really good food is actually hard to come by. Being a pacific northwest native, I am a true foodie and the south just doesn’t do it quite right, in my opinion. I’m sorry, but a peach pie with canned peaches?? Farmed salmon at fancy restaurants? C’mon people!