Restaurant Style Queso Blanco with Sweet Corn


This post is all about restaurant style queso blanco cheese dip with sweet corn. A Velveeta-free cheese dip that’s silky smooth, perfectly seasoned, and loaded with crunchy summery sweet corn, Rotel tomatoes, green chilies, and nacho jalapeños. 

Restaurant Style Queso Blanco

It’s Memorial weekend, the kickoff to the summer season. A season full of cookouts, pool parties, and vacations. So today I am sharing the easiest appetizer that everyone will love, restaurant-style queso blanco with sweet corn.

The best part about this creamy white cheese dip is that it only takes a few ingredients, no cooking tools and it can be made in a variety of ways, from the smoker/grill to the oven or even in a slow cooker.

Restaurant style queso is a white cheese dip that’s more milky and drippy than gooey and stringy. If you are looking for a super cheesy dip, check out my recipes for Hot Corn Dip, Cheese Fonduta, or my Elote Street Corn Queso. Continue Reading…

Honey Mustard Chicken BLT Sliders


This post is all about how to make Honey Mustard Chicken BLT Sliders – one of my most popular recipes and the first one to go viral on social media. This recipe has received amazing feedback from all that have tried it!

BLT Chicken Sliders

These blackened chicken BLT sliders with golden honey mustard are the perfect handheld snack for gatherings, game day parties, cookouts, pool side, you name it! These are a crowd favorite and super easy to make.

It starts with toasted slider buns topped with juicy pan seared blackened chicken. Then they are piled high with bacon, lettuce, tomato and drizzled with honey mustard and mayo. To finish them off, the tops of the buns are smothered in garlic butter.

These sliders go great with dips like this beer-smoked elote queso, jalapeno popper corn cheese dip, or this pizza dip. Continue Reading…

Hot Lemon Pepper Chicken Skewers


This post is all about how to make hot lemon pepper chicken skewers. Hot lemon pepper is an Atlanta staple chicken wing flavor. We are using this delicious tangy, spicy and zesty homemade sauce on air fryer chicken tenders that are so juicy they just fall apart.

lemon pepper chicken skewers

An ATL staple, hot lemon pepper is super lemony-peppery, with lots of tang, garlic, butter and a kick of sweetness. You can find this flavor at every wing spot across town and there is great debates over which wing spot has the best version.

Today we are using this incredible buttery sauce and marinade to make this incredible tender and juicy hot lemon pepper chicken skewers. I love to serve these with warm rice with some of this lemon pepper butter on top and roasted vegetables. A quick cozy comfort meal that’s perfect for weeknights.

Using an Air Fryer these chicken skewers are made in just 15 minutes with this super easy recipe. You can also make these on a grill or roast them in the oven. Continue Reading…

McDonalds Spicy Chicken Nuggets with Mighty Hot Sauce


This post is all about making a copycat version of the spicy McDonald’s Chicken Nugget recipe and their famous Mighty Hot Sauce.

McDonald's Chicken Nugget Recipe

Today I am crowning myself the McNugget queen. Not only because my body is made up of 50% water and 50% nuggets, but also because I’ve mastered an incredible remake of this McDonald’s classic.

There are a lot of great recipes I’ve made over the years. Some of my favorites are my Crunchy Sesame Chicken, Fried Chicken Elote Taco, and my PF Changs Crispy Green Beans. But occasionally there is a recipe I’ll create that actually surprises myself. This remake of McDonalds Spicy Nuggets with Mighty Hot Sauce is that recipe. These nuggets are so good they’d put McDonald’s out of business – and I’m not exaggerating.

Battered up in a crispy tempura batter and seasoned to the high heavens. These nuggets are incredibly juicy and bursting with so much spicy flavor it will make you weep (in a good way!). Then you dunk them in this homemade Mighty Hot Sauce – wowza! It’s fruity, spicy, creamy and utterly addictive. Continue Reading…

Baked Chicken Alfredo


This baked chicken alfredo is made with mini lasagna sheets tossed with rotisserie chicken in a creamy, stringy white cheese sauce. An easy casserole version of the comfort classic, this baked alfredo is easy to prepare and it’s the perfect comfort food to feed a crowd.

Baked chicken alfredo

A fusion of mac and cheese and chicken alfredo, this creamy dish has three types of white cheeses then loaded with shredded chicken and all tossed together with your favorite pasta.

One of my favorite things about this baked chicken alfredo is that it’s the easiest way to make a big batch of fettucini alfredo. If you’re looking to feed the whole family or wanting make-ahead dinner for the week, just dump this easy pasta is a casserole dish, bake for 20 minutes and dinner is ready.

There is many recipes for alfredo, but this is my take which is a bit unusual in that it uses fresh mozzarella as the primary cheese. It adds such a unique texture and creamy flavor that is unmatched! Continue Reading…

Apple Pie Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls


This post is all about Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls, a warm and fluffy treat that combines apple pie and buttery cinnamon rolls. 

Apple pie cinnamon rolls

These apple pie cinnamon rolls are the best rendition of cinnamon rolls you’ve ever had!  (Well, aside from my Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls. If you love gooey, buttery cinnamon buns AND warm apple pie, THIS recipe was absolutely made for you.

Does it hurt that these are super easy? Using premade cinnamon rolls, you can whip this dessert up in no time!t The rolls are stuffed into a muffin tin, then filled with a generous amount of apple filling, sprinkled with crumbly streusel topping, then baked to perfection. They’re finished with a buttery cinnamon frosting for an extra layer of indulgence in every bite.

Enjoy them as a special breakfast treat or eat them al a mode for dessert. Either way, these cinnamon rolls are delicious and you won’t be disappointed. Continue Reading…

Bacon Jalapeño Popper Hot Corn Dip


This post is all about how to make jalapeño popper hot corn dip, a cheesy, creamy skillet corn dip loaded with bacon, jalapeños, cream cheese and lots of cheese!

Jalapeno Corn Dip

Bubbling hot and loaded with kicks of heat, pops of sweet corn all intertwined with gooey melty cheese. This hot corn dip is eat-it-til-your-stuffed addictive!

We’ve turned our favorite appetizer – jalapeño poppers – into an indulgent cheesy hot dip loaded with crispy bacon and lots of gooey cheese. It’s the perfect balance of creaminess and spice and gives you an excuse to invite company over just to serve this.

To make this even more delish and to add a little more substance, this would be amazing with rotisserie chicken. My only worry is that it would be an excuse for me to eat a big bowl because after all, it has protein 🙂 Continue Reading…

Cheesy Hibachi Pasta


This post is all about how to make hibachi pasta. A unique fusion of Italian-Asian cuisines marry together perfectly in this cozy comfort food. 

Cheesy Hibachi Pasta

Cheesy, creamy pasta that is packed with sweet, spicy, and umami flavors, crisp buttery veggies, and teriyaki marinated proteins. This is an Italian-Asian fusion masterpiece that you never knew you were missing!

You know how they say, it’s so crazy it just might work!? The idea of adding pasta and cheese to hibachi may sound adventurous, or maybe a little crazy. But this inspiration came from a Korean dish called dakgalbi, a  very popular spicy gochujang cheesy stir fry.  And after all, people (me) add cheese to Ramen dishes all the time.

One bite and you’ll be wondering where this pasta has been all your life! It’s an absolute family favorite. Continue Reading…

Street Corn Elote Queso


This post is all about elote queso and how to make this delicious upgraded queso cheese dip for Cinco de Mayo or any day of the week that ends in Y.

Elote Queso

Chip-dippers unite! This elote queso is creamy, cheesy, full of delicious pops of sweet corn,  juicy lime, and a kick of tangy hot sauce. This street corn elote queso has become a staple in our home for Taco Tuesdays, game day food, Super Bowl parties, Cinco de Mayo, etc.

But if I am being honest, it really just gives us an excuse to drink margaritas and feel summery vibes all year-round. You can whip up this elote queso in less than 15 minutes and it’s so easy, I’d consider it fail-proof.

Are you looking for my viral smoked version of this dip? Check it out here: Smoked Street Corn Queso. Continue Reading…

Cinnamon Roll Peach Cobbler Muffins


This post is all about cinnamon roll peach cobbler muffins. These are a super easy, using pre-made cinnamon rolls as the base for this delicious handheld dessert or breakfast pastry. The juicy peaches are baked in and covered in a crumbly streusel cobbler topping and a warm buttery frosting drizzle.

Peach Cobbler Muffins

Juicy peaches baked into cinnamon rolls and topped with a streusel crumbly topping, just like a peach cobbler. Then we drizzle these warm tender treats in a buttery drizzly glaze.

These are stupid easy because they use premade cinnamon rolls. I don’t know about you, but anything that tastes THIS good and doesn’t require tons of effort is a keeper for me.

Although muffins and pastries are often considered breakfast items, these are more like desserts and eating them warm with vanilla ice cream is a bite of heaven. Continue Reading…